Mold Remediation Project

Sometimes the areas that are not visible get damaged with molds and you always wonder where that smell comes from. Luckily the resident called us in time and we were able to get there the very next day and in 2 next day everything was just like new.

I would never think that can happen to the walls. I almost hated my house because of the bad odor. Now, I love it again. Thanks for this restoration guys. Very professional and Fast.


Water Damage

Things happen. Sometimes water comes to kitchen from the wrong way, “from bathroom”. Almost everyone has seen this. Usually a small sign or color spot on the kitchen or TV room ceiling. You may think it shouldn’t be a big deal but not all the time. We have the equipment to detect and estimate the damage. One little spot might be sign of a large water damage problem

I thought I called our restoration people in time, it was just a small spot on the ceiling for last month. After they come in and diagnose the issue, I couldn’t believe the result and their equipment until their cut the ceiling open and tadaaa. Anyways, thank you LV Restoration for fixing and saving my house. It feels like home now.

Wall Water Damage

Rain feels good in Las Vegas but sometimes it can be pretty harmful for a building that roof is not properly sealed. One little hole and the entire wall has to be rebuild.

I am glad I caught it before it ruined the entire house. My house is 40 years old and the roof had an issue. The rain got into the house and damage the entire wall. I found Las Vegas Restoration by googling the best and fast restoration company and they did what they claim for. My home is home again.

Water Heater Issue

It may not look like there is a mold or water damage issue but with help or our equipment we are able to show the expand of the damage which if it’s not prevented in time may damage larger area. If there is a suspension of a damage just give us a call and we will be happy to help.

From my experience with water heaters I knew something wrong is going to happen by looking at some spots on the wall. Searched for some restoration companies and after couple of recommendations I found LV Restoration llc, I am glad I did.

Water Heater Issue

It’s pretty rare to have issues with water heater and that is one of the reasons that we don’t pay attention to details around it. Lack of maintenance eventually will cause damages to water heater which will end up damaging the garage and walls as well.

I didn’t see this one coming. One morning and one disaster, the garage is full of water and the lower base of the garage where the water heater is located was damaged. Luckily I my friends knew Las Vegas Restoration and refer me to them. They did a pretty good job at no time.